29 January 2012

2 week menu plan

Tsh Oxenreider of the Simple Mom network has recently released a new book. One Bite at a Time is an eBook that guides you through some first steps of 52 projects to making your life simple. Simple is good!

After dithering awhile (you know if you’re buying a project book like this there is gonna be some work ahead) I have finally bought myself a copy. As expected, I am currently being inspired to simplify and get organised.

Tsh writes in the same easy friendly style you get to see on her web site, in fact about half the content is readily available on her web site. She manages to make it an enjoyable read as well as being motivational for change, all without giving you the guilts over the status quo in your life!

So which of the 52 projects am I starting with? The Menu Plan – yup – I am easing into it, don’t want to burn myself out. Smiley
I had previously used menu planning systems, but once we started getting our fruit and veg fortnightly through a co-op last year, I gave up on it. I didn’t always know what will be in our co-op box each fortnight and that made choosing anything ahead difficult. So couple that with just feeling blahh about cooking and it was all at a standstill.

Well fast forward to now and I have my cooking mojo back, I am now familiar enough with what to expect in the co-op box, and I am ready for a challenge of the unexpected (eggplant this week anyone?)

So a fortnightly menu plan is where I am headed, and I have made up a printable 2 week menu plan page for me to organise my cooking. I thought I would share it here on my blog for anyone else on the look out for a menu plan printable. For each day there is section to write what you are cooking and below it is a space to write what you need to buy.

You can find it in three options. Just click on the image you want, then right click and save it to your hard drive. Or click on the title for a pdf version.


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